Bamako Forum at the Rencontres de Bamako

As part of the Bamako Forum at the 11th Edition of the Rencontres de Bamako, John Fleetwood moderated a discussion ‘The position of identity’ with artists Héla Ammar (Tunisia), Eric Gyamfi (Ghana), Dawit L. Petros (Eritrea – Canada) and Admire Kamundzengerere with cultural theorist George Shire (Zimbabwe). The discussion focussed on the multiplicity of identity and the possibilities to encourage distribution of photography in local contexts.

In a second discussion John Fleetwood presented democraSEE: The urgent shifts in our understanding of our worlds, democracies and identities are reflected and shaped by the multiplicities of photography and how these photographies function within our contexts. Traditional ideas of schools and universities continue to fail. Instead non-linear training and development seems to offer a much more relevant response. Lessons from Africa: Survey of Photography Training in Africa, Centres of Learning for Photography in Africa, masterclasses, democraSEE. George Shire and Justin Davy (Guest Curator of Independent Remixed) further discussed perceptions of democracies.

The Bamako Forum took place outdoors the National Museum of Mali, in Bamako from 3-5 Dec 2017. The 11th Edition of the Rencontres de Bamako was curated by Marie-Ann Yamsi.

Photo: would like to thank the French Institute of South Africa and the Rencontres de Bamako for their support.


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Posted 12 Dec 2017