Open call for participation in a workshop on queer social practice: photographers, activists, writers, filmmakers, academics, cultural practitioners apply.    

Deadline: 25 September 2018

10:Queer is a collaborative platform initiative developed by Photo: to facilitate critical discussion and meaningful content production on queer social practice. Invited participants will include photographers and other professionals who operate within the field of queer practice in Southern Africa, today.

Photo: is looking for practicing photographers who identify as queer and/ or have a queer photography practice. Practitioners, who identify as queer and who operate within a queer framework outside of the field of photography are also invited to apply. 

Photo: wants to encourage a conversational collaborative process. The process wishes to manifest in a public outcome reflecting the workshop. The working group will include the ten participants, guest advisor Abri de Swardt and the Photo: team.

10:Queer is intended to be an incubator-format for generating new methodologies for working with social practice with a focus on photography. Through a series of presentations, discussions, reading groups and practical sessions, the group will workshop an event or happening in the context of Southern Africa.

To apply, please follow the link below and complete the form by 25 September:

10:Queer is supported by Photography Education Trust through the National Lotteries Commission.

Posted 31 Aug 2018