Portfolio Review and Photography Workshops in Maputo, Mozambique


As part of the ‘Five Photographers: A tribute to David Goldblatt’ exhibition in Maputo, Mozambique, Photo: collaborated with the Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano (CCFM) to produce portfolio reviews and workshop presentations for photographers from Maputo.

The Portfolio Review sessions were held at the CCFM Gallery on 7 Feb 2019. 10 participants registered for the Portfolio Reviews - dedicated encounters and exchanges between photography experts, for photographers to get valuable feedback about their work and open up opportunities to develop their careers. 


The format allowed a photographer to get feedback and guidance from experts and professionals about their work in one-to-one sessions of 20 minutes each. It was indicated as ideal for the photographer to present a completed/almost completed body of work to the reviewers.

The Portfolio Review was aimed at committed photographers with a developed and serious approach to their work. 

Renowned Mozambican photographers Mauro Pinto and Filipe Branquinho joined John Fleetwood (curator of the Five Photographers Exhibition) and exhibiting photographers Mauro Vombe (Mozambique) and Jabulani Dhlamini (South Africa) to look at participants work.


John Fleetwood also presented 2 workshops on 8 Feb 2019 that 22 participants attended.

The first workshop was titled: “Shifting Realities: Photography in Southern Africa and Africa”. It looked at trends in photography in Southern Africa and how context has shifted for reading and understanding photography in this region. Participants were introduced to the work of local and regional photographers who have built critical bodies of work. Some of the issues and concerns of representation and conventions of storytelling were highlighted.

The second session was titled: “How to use Photography Platforms & Institutions in Africa to build your career.” The workshop looked at opportunities for photographers in terms of awards and platforms of learning, as a way to build networks and become part of the community of photographers. Participants were introduced to the work of Photo:, the democraSEE-award, the Catchupa Factory, Bamako Encounters, MPW, and other regional programmes and festivals.

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Posted 12 Feb 2019