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Photo: hosted the first of a series of its 10:10 platform on 14 Nov 2016.

10:10 is a presentation format where 10 photographers have not more than 10 minutes each to present and talk about their work. Relying on peer review the 10:10 format aims to break the ice, as an informal gathering with selected observers which in this first edition included Michael Famighetti and Brendan Wattenburg (Aperture Magazine), Laurie Chevrot (Institute Français South Africa), Georg Gatsas (Swiss photographer) and Mika Conradie (Curator/ Writer).

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South African Photography Training: Sites and Shifts, Communities and Contexts

In context of The Walther Collection’s ongoing interest in contemporary photography and video art from Africa and the African Diaspora, John Fleetwood will give a gallery talk, South African Photography Training: Sites and Shifts, Communities and Contexts on 20 October 19h00 at The Walther Collection Project Space, NYC

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Cities and Memory

In many emerging economies, cities are redefined by rapid urbanization, new economies and transformation of identities. As part of the National Biennale for Photography in Denmark, Brandts presents collections from more than 20 photographers from the BRICS countries. Under the theme Cities and Memory, Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Chinese and South African photographers work was curated to reflect on some of these transitions.

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Survey on Photography Learning in Africa

Photography learning initiatives on the African continent. The map plots some of the photography training and learning initiatives that are currently operating in Africa. These institutions have been identified as part of a larger survey to assess existing photography training initiatives on the continent to create a framework of support, exchange and building critical skills for trainers and institutions. The map/survey, initially commissioned by the Goethe Institut Südafrika, is an ongoing project.

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